Complying with Idaho’s Homeschool Law


Idaho does not require homeschool parents to possess any particular qualifications, obtain school district approval, or test their children. If your public school district asks for information about your homeschool program, you are not legally required to furnish it.

These are the steps to homeschool legally in Idaho:

1. Select an Instructor

Under Idaho law, you can teach your children yourself. Alternatively, you can have another family member, relative, or unrelated person teach your children.

2. Teach the Required Subjects

You must teach your children subjects that are commonly and usually taught in the public schools of Idaho.

Idaho compulsory school attendance age

Idaho law requires children to attend school from time they are 7 at the beginning of school in their district to their 16th birthday.

Unlike some other states, there is no “graduation” exception. So if your child graduates from your homeschool program before his or her 16th birthday, he or she is still subject to compulsory school attendance until he or she turns 16.

HSLDA believes that a parent-issued diploma and transcript should be sufficient to demonstrate that a child has completed a secondary education. However, even if your child is beyond compulsory school attendance age, there may be situations where you would want to continue to follow the requirements of a home education option recognized under Idaho law until your child graduates from high school (filing a home education notice, keeping attendance and other records, etc.). These records may be requested in some situations, such as obtaining a driver's license if your child is a minor, enlisting in the military, applying to colleges, or demonstrating eligibility for Social Security benefits. 

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