• MEETINGS - Most every month there is a Connections Meeting (except Summer & December)  and once a year there is a Town Hall Meeting. The meetings are merely a starting point to connect great homeschooling families like yours to other great homeschooling families in the area.

  • ACTIVITIES - At the monthly Connections Meetings, tables are set up with member-offered classes, activities, clubs, service projects, etc. The best part is that these activities are based on what you like because -  well, your family takes a part in planning them, your family chooses the activities you like, your family brings the best of your passions to the enjoyment, edification, and education of the whole group. Every family is unique and has something to bring to our group.

  • EDUCATION - Also, at the Connections Meetings, we offer help in your homeschooling efforts. We may offer a short class, a homeschool panel discussion, a get-to-know-you activity, etc.  


  • We are not a school. IFHE is designed to enhance rather that replace a family’s home education program.

  • We are open to differing religious faiths and encourage unity in our common belief in God. We do not engage in religious discrimination, bashing, or debates.

  • We are open to differing philosophies of education, curriculum, support mechanisms, etc. held by individual families.

  • We function as a cooperative effort. As such, each family is obligated to serve the group and each other. This is crucial to the success of our group.

  • We will not usurp parental or family authority by weakening the bond between parent and child.