• Bringing exceptional homeschooling families together for encouragement and support to help your family have life-changing experiences and make lifelong friendships.

  • Offering opportunities to serve each other and the community.

  • Education and learning for the whole family.

  • Monthly Connections Meetings to connect and teach

  • Calendar of Events and Activities going year round (because homeschooling is a year-round life-long journey - it never stops!)

  • Inspirational and informative website with fun videos, helpful blogs, and helps.

  • Facebook and email (so you don’t miss a thing.)

  • Membership Cards to get discounts at local stores.

  • But most of all it takes…...YOU! Your fantastic family is the secret ingredient to help bring all of these things to life. Your contributions, your talents, your unique family culture, gives this organization its passion and love.


Socials - Classes - Talent Nights - Field Trips - Dances - Mom’s Night Out - Toy Drives - Picnics

Teen Events - Game Nights - Outings - Writing Club - Apprenticeships - Small Business training

Nature Walks -  Valentine’s Party - Plays - Music Groups - Service Projects - Pinewood Derby

Theatre Club - Art Gallery Night - Building a car project - Performances

Cultural Festival - Historical Reenactments - Museum Trips

The sky’s the limit!

It’s only limited by your family’s imagination,

talents, passions and creativity!

We hope that as you go through your homeschool adventure, whether your family is just beginning, your family has a full bustling home or your family is facing the challenges of children launching into society, we want to help you on your journey.