To inspire, empower and strengthen family-centered Christian homeschool families in a dynamic community of fellowship, education, character building and community outreach in the Idaho Falls area.



IFHE is comprised of like-minded family-centered homeschooling families who have chosen to strengthen their homes by educating their own children without government intervention, oversight, or control. We believe that every family has a God-given and legal right to homeschool to better impart their family values, talents and culture to help their children thrive.


HOME & FAMILY - We believe family & home should the focus and priority of all homeschooling families. IFHE will strive to keep the home & family overarching and in the center of all activities. We see this organization as a family-centered and IFHE supported. We want to strengthen and empower homeschool families to overcome challenges and excel in their schooling at home and encourage families to protect their right to homeschool.



  1. Fellowship & Support – We want to foster an invigorating homeschool community.

  2. Character & Integrity – We want to help develop social intelligence and good character in our members.

  3. Education & Wisdom – We want engaging activities that will elevate learning and understanding that will strengthen all members

  4. Service & Community – We want to reach out to those around us by serving and sharing our unique talents.


BELIEF IN GOD – We want to help deepen commitments to God, family and teaching at home.